Magento Developer for Hire

If you are looking for a Magento Developer to implement a new site or support an existing site, Dunagan Enterprises can fulfill that need. Dunagan Enterprises is the Sole Proprietorship LLC of Magento Solutions Architect Sean Dunagan. Sean has earned Magento's highest certification for Magento developers and has great experience leading Magento implementation projects. While working at one of the premier Magento agencies in the world, Sean implemented historical data import processes and ERP integrations for one of the largest Magento instances built to date. Sean's LinkedIn profile can be seen here:

Sean has produced a code sample which can be viewed at A summary of the code sample is written up in the Code_Sample_Notes.txt file in the base directory of that github repository. The implementation of this code sample can be seen at In order to see the code in action, log in using the credentials given below:

username: demo_admin
password: demo123

This site is a demo Magento site which exists for the purpose of displaying Sean's knowledge and experience regarding launching and supporting a live Magento instance on the web. No products on this site are real, and no products will be shipped as a result of any orders placed on this site. The and PayPal payment methods are connected to Sandbox accounts, providing the user-experience and functionality of a production payment process without actually committing any live orders.

Major portions of the code sample have also been incorporated into the Magento extension. This extension is open-source and can be viewed on Github here: While minor portions of the codeset are legacy code, the vast majority of the extension was built by Sean using the abstract architecture provided in the code sample. The Reverb_Base, Reverb_Process and Reverb_ProcessQueue modules are Reverb-namespaced versions of the Dunagan-namespaced modules. This extension is currently in beta mode and has been receiving excellent feedback from the vendors who have integrated it with their ecommerce stores.

To contact Dunagan Enterprises, please contact Sean Dunagan via email at or phone 708-508-0047